Not only a Tennis Tournament, but an Experience.

Let us be your Tennis Vacation

Join our well-organized tournament at beautiful resorts. Experience the fun, creating lasting memories. Play with your favorite person regardless of their rating!

Why we exist

Our Tournaments offer

We exist to provide you with a well-organized, exciting tournament-style environment to enjoy the sport you love in some of the most beautiful places around the country and surrounding travel destinations.


Competiton for All Levels

"All levels from 2.5-5.0 can participate. Enjoy the perfect environment, whether you're interested in the highest competition, or just looking for a great time!"


Exclusive Resorts and Destinations

You'll get great rates at amazing resorts and destinations - a perfect setting for a tennis weekend getaway


Efficient & Organized

"We're always available to answer your questions or help you get registered. Tournaments always run on time."


Fun & Excitement

Win or Lose, you will be planning your next Racquet War Event!

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Our History

Tennis without borders.

We have discovered some of the best resorts for a vacation centered around tennis, friendships, and fun. No place is too close or too far. We are even international! Bahamas and Cancun are proving to top the list of favorites. Amelia Island, FL and Palm Springs, CA still remain the most beloved.

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#1 Adult Recreational Tournament Provider

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# of US States represented by players
Player retention

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Allegiance Cup

The More Your Play, the more we Give!

“The Allegiance Cup is our annual celebration of the most loyal players in Racquet War. It will be hosted annually at the spectacular Baha Mar resort in Nassau, Bahamas. This year’s Allegiance Cup will be held January 5th – 8th, 2023. Registration is open to all players: however special consideration is given to players that qualify. Players qualify through earning points by playing Racquet War tournaments throughout the prior year. Points are awarded individually, so regardless of whom your partner is, you will continue to increase your annual points total. Players need a minimum of 750 points to qualify. The top qualifier will receive a complimentary entry including 4 nights of accommodations for the Bahamas event!”


Choose your Package

We are happy to offer a way to save and stay connected to the RW community 


For kids under 19yo

$ 250 / Month
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For three family members

$ 550 / Month
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For individual young and adults

$ 450 / Month
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Coming Soon Event

Newport Beach, CA

Tennis Club 2601 Eastbluff Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 United States

June 23 - June 25

Limited seats!


Common Questions.

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If you need more help

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No, we have plenty of local players who do not need accommodations. The entry fee for just playing in the tournament varies from city to city but the clinic and party can be added on.

Depends on the draw and the number of teams entered. We typically like for everyone to get a minimum of 2 matches on both Friday and Saturday and then the semifinals and finals take place on Sunday. Sometimes with larger draws, teams will have/get to play a 3rd match on Friday or Saturday as well. No matter what, a minimum of 4 matches will be scheduled for all teams over the weekend, and some teams could play up to 6 or 7 total.

No. With a minimum of 4 matches in each event, and a possibly 7 matches in one event it could end up being 13-14 matches over a 3 day period.

No. Racquet War provides all balls needed throughout the tournament.

No. We do not have an affilication with USTA.

All levels from 2.5 up to 5.5

No, not by age or skill level, the results of your first to matches put you in the correct draw. All teams will start out in a waterfall bracket. In the waterfall bracket, all teams will play two 8 game no ad pro sets to determine each doubles team competitive levels. After the two rounds of 8 game pro sets each team will play a minimum of two regular scoring matches with a tiebreaker used as a 3rd set if needed. With this unique format, players do not have to worry about NTRP rating whatsoever and can partner up with whoever they wish, and the double teams end up playing against other double teams of similar skill in their final bracket.


What they say about us

you can read all  that people say about our services and events

Highly recommend the Racquet War Tennis Tournament, especially after we had a fabulous experience with the facilities, groomed tennis courts and resort amenities. Very well organized and the food was excellent along with pictures and towel gift. If you want to play tennis for fun or competitively this is the place to play and/or party with friends (aka girls weekend!!! : ) This is my 2nd year attending and it just gets better.

Elizabeth Lunsford

I just had one of the best weekends of tennis ever! My three friends and I participated in the Racquet War this past weekend at Amelia Island, Florida. The tournament was so well run and the competition was great. I met so many wonderful people and many new friends. It exceeded all my expectations! Shelly and Oakley were so nice and made it a pleasure to play. The food was great and the price for lodging was such a bargain. I will be back next year for sure.

Alanna Stubblebine

We didn't win that trophy I was hoping for but we had a lot of fun. We are already talking about going back next year and bringing more people. Your crew was great to work with and your organization was fantastic.

Randa Craig

Thank you so much. I had a blast. Didn't come home with a trophy but met and played against marvelous ladies. Venue was spectacular. We had the pasta buffet which was fabulous and then ate locally in Indian Wells at the Cliff House. Met wonderful new friends. You did a terrific job organizing this. The Omni was one of the best resorts I've stayed at especially the prices. It was so fun and I'm sure I'll see you guys next time with more local friends. Thanks again for all of your hard work. I've organized affairs such as this. and I know it isn't easy. You made it seem seamless.

Joice Corrigan

I have attended my 2nd Racquet War and would like to say Thank You! Amelia Island which was my 1st Visit to was FAB! Please consider this Location AGAIN! As it is perfect for ALL family members TENNIS or NOT, A lot to do: GOLF, BEACH, BIKING and WALKING Trails and the BEST you can have your Four Legged BABIES attend. Thanks Again

Christine Font-Boraks

There is nothing like playing a tournament that is extremely organized and well thought-out...this is what I experienced while playing in the tournaments run by Shelly and Oakley this past year. The competition was strong, the atmosphere was fun and the flow of play-time was smooth. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, the cute women's cut t-shirt and the MatchPoint event are musts!

Sherrie Nischwitz

Both Carrel and I had a blast. We look forward doing it again maybe in May, but if not, definitely same time next year. The event was ran very professionally with no hitches. The level of tennis was not only top notch but we made a few friends along the way that we will be playing doubles with. Thank you for a great weekend. We can't wait til the next one.

Joel & Carrell Hoffman

What an amazing tournament! Attending my first tournament, I wondered if the price would be worth it. I coudn't be more wrong! Not only are Shelly and Oakey personable and a joy to be around, their tournament is unbeatable! This tournament has it all...competition of all levels combined with fun, happy participants, gifts, trophies, booze, snacks, the gifts are endless. Best girls tennis trip to date. We have already planned our next few. Keep up the good work.

Kara Boulanger ~ Denver, CO

It was pleasure meeting you. KUDOS to you both for organizing a FANTASTIC tournament! We had THE BEST weekend and can't wait to come back next year. Many thanks again for bringing Racquet War to Southern California.

Janice Bittker

Thank you for organizing such a fun weekend. Every opponent we played was so nice! Your team of pros and of course you and Shelly were great. It reminded me why I fell in love with tennis in the first place.

Janet Coleman

Congratulations on a fabulous tournament! It was a beautiful venue, great play, fun atmosphere, good sportsmanship - everything you'd want! Oakley and Shelly were so well organized, handled the conditions with grace, and had a great sense of humor. The txting for matches, the gifts, lunch, ect are more than we could expect even for the price. I hope the high entry price price doesn't scare anyone away, it is well worth it!

Lynn Kitt - Denver, CO

Tampa was my first Racquet War tournament and I really hope I will be fortunate enough to play in many more. The event was very well organized and the format worked really well. There was plenty of tennis for everyone and it was really obvious that we were all there purely for the love of the game. There was a lot of energy! Oakley and his team did a fab job keeping things moving along and letting you know where you needed to be! The Saddlebrook Resort was a good choice of venue. The rooms were clean and comfortable and the amenities of the hotel were ideal for such an event. Overall a great time! I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Janet Southern

The Racquet War Tournament in Amelia Island was my second one and even better than my first. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a weekend of well-organized tennis that is set up to assure you get to play lots of tennis with opponents who are as close to your level as possible. Both Oakley and Shelly were gracious hosts and were genuinely concerned that everyone has a wonderful time. Amelia Plantation was a beautiful venue, and with lunch on the grounds, and an air conditioned room for all players to relax between matches, it was a wonderful weekend. If you are on a tennis league this tournament would be a great way to get your team together and spend a weekend together playing and great tennis and also staying at the Omni Hotel.


I have played in countless tennis tournaments over the years. Racquet War is undoubtedly my new favorite tournament!! The tennis competition was great and the tournament management was even better! Can't beat the price for what you get!

Jerry Cutchens

I love your tournaments. I have to say Bahamas is my favorite. You and Shelly are always amazing to hang out with and that doesn't even touch what an well organized and fun tournament you host. The format is perfectly designed to always ensure competive tennis. Its wonderful being able to play with any level partner, so Todd and I can travel together to these beautiful locations. A little tennis mixed with a perfect vacation.

Jennifer Higgins~ NC

Racquet War in Tampa was my first-ever tournament .... and what a blast it was! It was organized so well, all the matches seemed to run smoothly and the people on and off the courts were terrific. Saddlebrook Resort was the perfect setting to play, relax and meet some wonderful ""tennis people"". Sign me up for next year!

Toni Santoro

Racquet War in Tampa was my first-ever tournament .... and what a blast it was! It was organized so well, all the matches seemed to run Although I don't play in many tournaments throughout the year, I find the Racquet War event that Oakley and Shelly put on to be excellent. Between being extremely well organized, combined with a strong pool of competition it makes it one I will be keeping on the calendar in the future. If you have not played in one of their tournaments and you are a tennis enthusiast, I would highly recommend signing up for one. What a great way to spend a fall weekend doing something you love!smoothly and the people on and off the courts were terrific. Saddlebrook Resort was the perfect setting to play, relax and meet some wonderful ""tennis people"". Sign me up for next year!

Todd Alvarez

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